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I agree to deliver to Fatburger any and all copies of confidential information or other company property upon termination of the employment relationship or at any time upon Fatburger s request. I acknowledge that I have read all of the above statements and that I understand them. I certify that I have completed this application. I declare under penalty of perjury that the facts contained herein or any resume or other documents submitted are true and complete. I acknowledge that I have read...
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Please describe your job title in primary duties I was a sandwich maker and I had to put together the sandwiches clean up after the customers make the sweet tea in the morning firehouse actually they cut their own meats and cheeses so I had to do that sound like that what was the work environment like it was really friendly it was a lot of students because we're near the university right now and it was really nice the the giving back to the community there was always were always donating some sort of a charity so it was really nice I felt like we all got along really well and we my team that I worked with we believe in teamwork so one person would do one task and we would rotate between the tasks every night when we're closing so that was nice how would you describe the application and interview process for fire house at that time so now we do they do a application so you can do it in person I think you can do it online too but I did in person and so you felt the application and you you know I have to obviously with any job you ever apply for you want to follow up so followed up a couple of times how to interview with the the store owner their franchises so they're usually owned by individual owners so if you're lucky you can talk to one of them and tell them you know how your how excited you are about the job and the experience that you have and so that's what I did I had an interview and I was hired on the spot which is kind of cool what questions did the interviewer asked during the job interview yeah I don't add any food experience I prior worked at Adventure Island at Busch Gardens and food service so I already have some experience down I definitely think a lot of employers want to see that you had experience and if you don't they want to see your willingness learn what other advice would you give to a job seeker looking to gain employment be yourself and work really hard and try to be the most courteous person you can be but also try to be extremely efficient at your job and and be prepared to learn how to clean really well because it's important in food service to be as friendly as possible you